15 Aug
The Start of the Flu & Cold Season
Posted by Alice  |  Naperville

As the fall season starts and with the winter season just around the corner, I know that most of us do not like thinking about the inevitable- getting sick with a cold or flu.

This year is particularly worrisome for parents, especially due to the potential spread of the Swine Flu.  Additionally, since the Swine Flu vaccine won’t be available until October and with kids already being back in school for a couple of months by that time, additional stress and worry are created for parents.

Both Naperville school districts (203 & 204) have posted information regarding the common cold, flu, and variations of the flu (swine, bird, etc) on their websites.  The DuPage County Health Department and the DuPage County Government have published a Community Outreach Kit that provides tips on prevention and a guide to overcoming the Swine Flu.  Once the vaccine is released in October, it should be available in many doctor’s offices, hospitals, and local pharmacies.

Regular flu shots will be administered by staff from Edward’s Hospital in Naperville at the Mainstreet Organization of Realtors Downers Grove Office on Thursday, October 1st from 2-4 p.m., for a cost of $18.  The address is 6655 Main Street in Downers Grove.

Overall, the best course of action is to wash your hands often and to stay at home once any flu-like symptoms arise.

Let’s all hope for a healthy fall and winter season!

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