17 Oct
The Alice Chin Team Is Green!
Posted by Alice  |  Real Estate

For the past 2 months, my team and I have been working on transitioning to paperless systems. At the beginning of this journey, I have to admit that it was really daunting and I almost wanted to give up after the first 2 weeks. However, I am excited to announce that we have finally made it through! Here is what we have accomplished during these past 2 months:


  • All buyer home tours are now paperless. Listing sheets and notes from all home viewings are taken through Evernote. We can also add photos of the home and videos to our client’s Evernote file!
  • All of our client and business files are stored in Dropbox. I can now access and modify anything from my ipad, no matter where I am.
  • From contract to closing for our buyers, our transaction process is entirely paperless. We sign documents through Docusign and edit documents through PDF Expert. Our clients also have the ability to sign in person on the ipad with a stylus.
  • From contract to closing for our sellers, our transaction process is also paperless.
  • All of our clients can easily and securely access all of their purchase or sale documents in Cartavi. This makes it so much easier, if they need to review an attorney letter, a copy of their contract, or other documents. We have also been able to invite all of our other team members to Cartavi (attorney, lender, home inspector) and they also have securitized access to transaction documents. One of my favorite features is that we can e-mail and fax from Cartavi, which saves our precious e-mail inbox space.

I know that this is just the beginning of my team’s paperless adventure! During our 2 month process, I feel that we have just begun to scratch the surface of all the possibilities. We have been able to be more productive, get more accomplished, and most importantly, provide our clients with better service!

Now, my next challenge is to figure out what to put in the empty file cabinets, where all of the paper files used to be!

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