26 Nov
My house is on the market. Do I decorate for the Holidays?
Posted by Alice  |  Real Estate

Tis the season!  You walk out the door and everything you see is screaming the holidays are here. Regardless if your house is on the market, or you need to put your house on the market, it is okay to decorate. Just as you are getting your festive decorations out of storage keep in mind that at any time you can get an offer and may have to have all your decorations and belongings out of the house days around the holiday. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Less is more. You may not need to bring out all of your decorations.
  2. Keep in mind the highlights of your home. Do not hide anything that stands out about your home.
  3. Watch out for tripping hazards.
  4. It is understood this is a Religious time of year, but Menorahs and Nativities should be discretely displayed.
  5. Try and keep lawn ornaments to a bare minimum. What you think is cute and whimsical a potential buyer may think it is tacky and cluttered. This could turn them away from your home.
  6. Keep in mind the time frame. All your decorations should be down and put away within 2 weeks after the holiday. Longer than that it can appear the house is neglected and a buyer can wonder what else is neglected in the house.

This is also a time to take advantage of the season. Lights can add an ambiance and allow your home to stand out.  If you have to show a home while your house is decorated for the holidays, keep in mind these tips and your house should give a potential buyer the same opinion as if your house was not decorated.

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